Hello & Goodbye!

Hello & Goodbye!

Hiii Beautifuls!!
My names Tierney,
Musics my life,
Memphis May Fire


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his hair is flawless


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Matty Mullins - Memphis May Fire by tanyagelman on Flickr.

Story time about this man next to me haha if you don’t know who this is it’s Anthony Sepe the guitarist from the band that saved my life Memphis May Fire and I can’t thank this man enough for what he did for me okay I sent him a tweet on Twitter saying I wanted to hug him November 4th and he said he’d give me three hugs and that was a few weeks ago and two days ago(November 4th) I sent him a tweet showing him the tweet of him saying he’d give me hugs and he answered me asking me where I was and told me he’d meet me after the show and so I waited outside for an hour just to meet him and when I finally saw him it was one of the best feelings ever because one of my heroes took time out out of his night just to meet me and he didn’t go meet tons of fans just me and I got to meet his beautiful with Samantha and I got to have a actual conversation with one of my heroes and even though I don’t look so good in this photo this will still me one of my favorite memories